DB-6-HP-Series Top No-Go Lock The DB-6-HP lock is a non-selective, no-go locking device designed to be landed in a Camco type DB landing nipple and is normally used as the bottom nipple in the tubing string. The DB-6-HP design features an internal fishing neck, which allows a large bore through the lock. When in the set position, an internal sleeve (expander tube) is held in the locked position by the collet that prevents the lock from unlocking at high flow rates. The DB-6- HP lock is also designed to use the Z-6 running tool, a tattletale-type running tool. These tools give the wireline operator a clear indication that the assembly is in the locked position after the setting tool is retrieved. Optional high-temperature packing sets for applications above 300°F are available for DB-6-HP locks. The DB-6-HP lock can be attached to surface control devices such as subsurface controlled subsurface safety valves, blanking plugs, and standing valves. The lock anchors the valve or accessory in position in the tubing string. The lock and accessory are landed in an appropriate nipple using standard wireline methods.



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Location: Norway, Stavanger

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Manufacturer: Schlumberger

Quantity:2 Ea.


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