Unused surplus line pipe: 23 ea 16” Double joint (Carbon pipe with duplex inner joint) 24,5 mtr 14 ea 16” Single Joint (Carbon pipe with duplex inner joint) 12,2 mtr 37ea 22’’Single Joint (Carbon) 12,2 mtr 5 ea 22’’Single Joint (Carbon) 24,5 mtr Total est weight 263,4 tons

Line Pipe


Pro-Quip ID: 11018

Certification: Available, verified by Pro Quip

Location: Tananger, Norway

Documentation: Available

Connection: N/A

Size: N/A Weight: N/A Grade: N/A


Manufacturer: NA

Quantity:79 Ea.


Ronny E. Jensen

Ronny E. Jensen

COO, Pro-Quip

Tlf.: +47 51 31 41 31

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